Brad Karp

1947 Center St. / Suite 600 / Berkeley, CA 94704
Voice: +1 510-666-2988
FAX: +1 510-666-2956

As of September 16th, 2002, I will be a staff scientist at the Intel Research lab at Carnegie-Mellon University, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the CMU School of Computer Science.


Brad Karp earned a B.S. at Yale University in 1992, an S.M. at Harvard University in 1995, and a Ph.D. at Harvard University in 2000, all in Computer Science. In his dissertation, he developed geographic algorithms and protocols for building robust, scalable routing systems for wireless networks with large numbers of fast-moving nodes.

After an internship in the ACIRI group between the summer of 1999 and spring of 2000, he returned to ICIR (formerly known as ACIRI) in October 2000, upon completing his Ph.D.

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

I seek to measure, analyze, and understand the complex behavior of large-scale network systems, and to use this understanding to design new network systems that scale where previous ones cannot. My current work falls into two main areas:

  • Wireless networks: routing, traffic provisioning, sensor networks, mobility models, interactions between MAC protocols and transport protocols.
  • Internet architecture and performance analysis: routing protocol scalability, robustness to network reordering, DNS scalability in the wide-area Internet.
  • Publications

    Greenstein, B., Zhuang, S., and Karp, B., STREWN: Spatial Traffic Engineering for Wireless Networks, submitted for publication.

    Shenker, S., Ratnasamy, S., Karp, B., Govindan, R., and Estrin, D., Data-Centric Storage in Sensornets, to appear in the First ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks (HotNets 2002), Princeton, NJ, October, 2002.

    Ratnasamy, S., Karp, B., Yin, L., Yu, F., Estrin, D., Govindan, R., and Shenker, S., GHT: A Geographic Hash Table for Data-Centric Storage, to appear in the First ACM International Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications (WSNA 2002), Atlanta, GA, September, 2002. .ps.gz .pdf

    Zhang, M., Karp, B., Floyd, S., and Peterson, L., RR-TCP: A Reordering-Robust TCP with DSACK, ICSI Technical Report TR-02-006, Berkeley, CA, July 2002. .ps.gz .pdf
    A version of this work has been submitted for publication.

    Karp, B., Challenges in Geographic Routing: Sparse Networks, Obstacles, and Traffic Provisioning, in the DIMACS Workshop on Pervasive Networking, Piscataway, NJ, May, 2001. .pdf

    Karp, B., Geographic Routing for Wireless Networks, Ph.D. Dissertation, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, October, 2000. .ps.gz

    Karp, B. and Kung, H.T., Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing for Wireless Networks, in Proceedings of the Sixth Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom 2000), Boston, MA, August, 2000, pp. 243-254. .ps.gz

    Karp, B., Mankin, A., Kung, H.T., Demirtjis, A., and Edwards, B., An Implementation Study of ABR/EPRCA, ATM Forum Contribution 96-587, April, 1996. .ps.gz

    Blackwell, T., Chan, K., Chang, K., Charuhas, T., Karp, B., Kung, H.T., Lin, D., Morris, R., Seltzer, M., Smith, M., Young, C., Bahgat, O., Chaar, M., Chapman, A., Depelteau, G., Grimble, K., Huang, S., Hung, P., Kemp, M., Mahna, I., McLaughlin, J., Ng, M.T., Vincent, J., Watchorn, J., An Experimental Flow-Controlled Multicast ATM Switch, in Proceedings of the First Annual Conference on Telecommunications in Massachusetts, October, 1994. .ps.gz

    Blackwell, T., Chan, K., Chang, K., Charuhas, T., Gwertzman, J., Karp, B., Kung, H.T., Li, W.D., Lin, D., Morris, R., Polansky, R., Tang, D., Young, C., Zao, J., Secure Short-Cut Routing for Mobile IP, in Conference Proceedings of the Usenix Summer 1994 Technical Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, June 6-10, 1994, pp. 305-316. .ps.gz

    Karp, B. and Moulin, P., Implementation of Multiresolution Regression Splines on the MasPar: Function and Image Estimation in Parallel, Bell Communications Research Internal Technical Memorandum, February, 1993.

    Karp, B. and Bischof, C., Increasing the Granularity of Parallelism and Reducing Contention in Automatic Differentiation, Argonne National Laboratory Technical Memorandum ANL/MCS-TM-142, November, 1990.


  • Geographic Routing
  • Reordering-Robust DSACK TCP
  • Geographic Network Provisioning
  • DNS Performance Measurement and Analysis
  • Software

  • GPSR simulation code for ns-2 (details on the code)
  • HUMR: the Harvard User-Level Metricom Radio driver for FreeBSD, built on tun, for Metricom Ricochet Starmode
  • IEEE 802.11 Lucent WaveLAN driver for FreeBSD
  • N23 credit driver for Digital OSF/1 UNIX

  • Quality

  • the Bodum french press
  • Peets coffee beans
  • The Economist (print edition)
  • The New York Times (web edition)
  • straight-shooting thesis advice, from H.T. Kung
  • tasty grooves, shady characters, and the mu-major chord
  • beautifully designed objects, whimsically presented
  • Alfa Parts [form over function]
  • luce [form and function]
  • abhor this vacuum at your peril
  • KAOS theory in wireless networks